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Fitness and entertainment – The Titan Fit

Fitness and entertainment – The Titan Fit

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Hello Fiteniers! This week we return with our analysis of the ranking of fitness influencers in Spain with the analysis of one of the fastest growing influencers in recent years, not in vain has he gone from being relatively unknown to accumulating almost 300,000 followers in a relatively short space of time. . In this article we will talk about how he knew how to find his niche between fitness and entertainment and how he has expanded his sources of income so as not to depend exclusively on YouTube, welcome!

fitness and entertainment

Name Juan Pedro Espadas Garcia
Age 25 years
Ciudad Murcia
Training CAFD graduate
Content Bodybuilding and Entertainment
Youtube The Titan – 1,38M
Instagram thetitanfit – 182K
Twitter thetitanfit – 2.6K
Facebook The Titan – 8,2K


Juan Pedro all his life was a very thin young man who wanted to have a muscular body, quite “emo” and who believed that swimming could improve his physique, however, although there was some improvement, he was not getting where he wanted to go. When he arrived at the university and began to practice triathlon, so you can imagine that apart from worsening aesthetically his physique began to suffer injuries since it is a very demanding sport for the joints. Despite the fact that she liked to compete, it was not worth spending four hours on top of not liking herself in front of the mirror. For this reason, after suffering constant discomfort, he stopped resistance and began to focus on muscle hypertrophy.

Since he started training in the gym, he had been thinking about opening a YouTube channel where he could share his knowledge and show his lifestyle. It is no coincidence that its greatest references in the Fitness community are Powerexplosive and The Fitness Boy, possibly the biggest references in the Hispanic fitness and entertainment community.

His channel initially started with a quite common mix in which he shared training, diet, recipes, vlogs and similar content, so it was difficult for him to take off and it was not until he took advantage of the challenge of 100 push-ups TheGrefg, uploading a video in which he very intelligently used the name and image of this well-known Youtuber (he had more than five million followers at that time), managed to position him well in the YouTube algorithm, putting a Hit of more than 150,000 views of that video and an incredible improvement in his subsequent videos.


Once the tailwind pushed his channel, The Titan was improving his editing skills and in front of the camera and together with a good strategy of interesting content and good collaborations, his channel went up like a rocket and he began to enjoy sponsorships, events and other benefits of the Youtuber life. As an anecdote, he shared his experience in a clinic where he had a hair transplant, the truth is that nothing was wrong!

The next turning point for his channel was when he started su relación con otra de las youtubers con más solera del panorama fitness de España, The Saiyan Kiwi, por lo que además de su contenido habitual también empezó a subir vídeos más personales de ellos como pareja, y todos sabemos que el cotilleo tiene muchas visitas 🙂

Finally, if Juan Pedro has stood out for something, it is to diversify his sources of income and therefore apart from YouTube has created an online advisory service and Canone Clothing, a formal clothing store designed for people with a fitness physique. Would you like to have discounts on Canone Clothing within Fitenium? Let’s make Fitenium grow and we will surely reach an agreement. He also has a sportswear brand, Only Titans, so his three businesses, along with his contract with Prozis, complement each other quite well.

Finally, it’s reasonable to comment on the turn your content has taken recently. Perhaps because of detecting that the fitness niche is increasingly overloaded or out of pure personal interest, it is noticeable that he is making more and more pure and hard entertainment content and leaving aside his more fitness facet. What’s more, it recently reported that it is not going to compete anymore after having done so at a national and international level and not finding much incentive in that industry.

I hope you found this review of Titan Fit interesting, next week we will be back with another chapter.

See you at Fitenium!

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