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About Fitenium
Personalized programs in line with your goals and equipment
You don't know where to start? Let us guide you with our personalized free routines according to your training level, your goals, and available equipment.
Prized challenges and raffles among participants
We make physical challenges every week within our community. Winners earn fantastic prices and we also make raffles among the challenge participants.
Follow your friend’s workout or create yours.
Follow the training programs of your friends and access to training programs prepared by coaches. You may also create your own custom programs from scratch.
Strength training
If you train strength, Fitenium is for you. We are a fitness community made of powerlifters, calistheniers and crossfitters, among others.
Evolution chart by exercise and personal records
Follow your evolution chart and personal records by exercise to check your training progress.
Earn prices and discounts training
Earn our digital currency Fitenium and exchange it for sport apparel, gift cards, and up to +30% discounts in top-tier sport gear and nutrition shops.

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