About Fitenium
Personalized workouts for your goals and equipment available
You don't know where to start? Let us guide you with our personalized routines according to your training level, your goals, type of training, and available equipment.
Prized challenges and raffles among participants
We challenge you and your friends within our community. Winners may earn great prices and raffles are usually offered among the challenge participants.
Create your own workout and keep track of your progress.
You already know what to train? Great time to start keeping track of your progress by exercise and achieve your goals.
Prevent injuries with our muscle alerts
FITENIUM not only has its own technology to represent your fatigue level by muscle group in real time but also sends you alerts about unbalances that may end up in a injury.
Evolution chart by exercise and personal records
Follow your evolution chart and personal records by exercise to check your training progress. You may also compare it with friends and other peers within our community.
Earn prizes and discounts training
Earn our digital currency FITENIUM and exchange it for sport apparel, gift cards, and up to +30% discounts in top-tier sport gear and nutrition shops.
Edgar Lopez

I love FITENIUM because I can share my personal records on video with users who train like me and who help me improve

Lorena Villanueva

In FITENIUM I have found the personalized routine that I was looking for to start training and create a habit with training

Juan Fernández
Entrena pesas

I liked getting discounts training to get promotions and stay motivated

Pepa Gómez

I liked the muscle visualization and injury alerts for my workouts

Javier Montero

I like to follow the progress of my friends and compete with them in the ranking.

WOD sin material
Carlos de la Rosa

The weekly challenges keep me motivated and the prizes are very good


Your app and community to track you training and prevent injuriesYour app and community to track you training and prevent injuries