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Would you like to easily share your custom plans?

As FITENIUM partner you´ll get access to a free FITENIUM PRO account and be able to guide and support your customers.


create programs like a pro



FITENIUM is the #1 training app for personalized training and injury prevention.

Create custom plans

Define sessions, exercises, sets, reps, and more for each customer.

share them with customers

Easily allow your customers to access your custom plans, and train.

track your customers´ progress

Enjoy advanced functionalities to check progress and support them to achieve results.

Meet our digital twin

Track your customers´ fatigue in real time. Help them to prevent injuries.  


How does our partner program work?

Get free access to FITENIUM PRO and start creating your custom training plans for your customers.

Share your details

Forward us some data that justifies your activity as personal trainer or coach: certification, title, gym ownership, experience, etc.


Create your personalized training programs and share them with your customers.

just train your customers

Follow the progress of your customer and adapt their training programs according to your assessment.


forget the excels and pdfs

We want to support you to deliver the best training experience to your customers, both physical and online. These are just a few of the fuctionality we´ve got in FITENIUM app.

Personalized programs
Create personalized plans including routines, exercises, series, repetitions, rest times, notes, etc. and share them with your clients.
Your personalized exercises
Create any exercise and add information about its execution including visual references on how to execute it.
Track your customers
Keep track of exercises, weights, reps, and more, that your customers have trained in their sessions. You may also use videos to check the execution technique if you need to.
Visualize their evolution
Find charts with your customers' progress according to their training and their history for each trained exercise.
Hear rate tracking
Analyze your customers' heart rates during their workouts to evaluate their training intensity.
Adjust your customers´ workouts
Use our digital twin and all FITENIUM data to evaluate your customers and adjust their training planning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the FITENIUM Partner Program

The FITENIUM Partner program provides a free access to a FITENIUM PRO account to personal trainers and coaches to train their customers with all the functionality available in FITENIUM app.

Who can Become a FITENIUM Partner?

If you are a certified personal trainer, experienced coach or gym owner you will be entitled to participate in the FITENIUM partner program.

How to become a FITENIUM partner

Complete the questionnaire below sharing with us information about you and your training practice.

How can I share my custom training plans with my customers?

At FITENIUM you will be allowed to create as many training programs as you want. Then, you just have to publish those programs as public and invite your customers to check them at your user profile in FITENIUM app to train them.

How much will my customer have to pay to use FITENIUM app?

FITENIUM is a premium app with a seven-day free trial whose most of its feature are reserved for PRO uses. We offer several subscription starting as low as $9,99.

Do I have further incentives to become a FITENIUM partner?

We are working on a referral program for partners but it is not yet live.

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