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How it works
Record your workout video and select the category, number of reps and weight. Our community will validate, comment and rank your video within our athletes.
Ask & learn
Ask a free question to our coaches and nutritionists, connect with other athletes and learn from the video workouts and comments of our community.

No experience needed
Not fit enough to join Fitenium? Chances are you are wrong. The goal of Fitenium and its community is to encourage anyone to improve his or her physical condition starting at any level.
Who´s for
Fitenium is a community made of strength athletes inspiring others to improve their results and technique. Fitenium is driven by the mutual respect among all its participants.
Track your performance
Keep track of your workout progress in your Fitenium profile. Improve and get motivated every day by sharing your results within our community of athletes.
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Every interaction you make in the app makes you earn Fitenium. At our shop, you can exchange your Fitenium for amazing discounts in equipment and sport nutrition. As simple as that.

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