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Sergio Peinado – One of the leaders of the fitness community in Spain

Sergio Peinado – One of the leaders of the fitness community in Spain

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Last week we talked about Powerexplosive in our review of most important influencers in Spain And this time we return to analyze what is undoubtedly another of the leaders of the fitness community in Spain due to the great community it has and the health message that it spreads on the networks and that has so far permeated.

Sergio does not have such technical and performance-focused content as our friend Power, since his content is not focused on people who want to perform, but rather seeks to get ordinary people to embrace a healthy life style where movement and real and little processed food prevail.

Name Sergio Peinado
Age 30 years
Ciudad Albacete
Training CAFD graduate
Content Healthy life style
Youtube Train with Sergio Peinado 1.7M Followers
Instagram sergiopeinadotrainer 354K Followers
Twitter Sergio_Trainer 52K Followers
Facebook Train with Sergio Peinado 123K likes


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Before opening his YouTube channel, Sergio Peinado was dedicated to personal training working in a gym, however his physical condition was not at all optimal not only to carry out his professional activity but for anyone. Sergio was significantly overweight and despite the fact that he had the knowledge to change his health and physical condition, he had a relationship with food that prevented him from achieving his goals. In this video you can learn more about his story and how he managed to change his mentality to obtain a physical change that makes you improve your appearance and especially your health.

A large part of Sergio’s secret is that he is a person with whom many people can easily identify and he does not sell a lifestyle in which to achieve significant health and physical improvements, you have to follow a perfect diet and routine. Peinado understands that the majority of the population does not have time to eat in a complex way or for long training sessions, so his proposal is based on a selection of healthy foods in simple recipes and quick workouts that can be done at home with very little equipment.

Since 2011, when he opened his channel, he has uploaded videos on quite a variety of topics, denying myths in the world such as that fats are harmful or that eating carbohydrates in the afternoon makes you have more fat. An important part of its content are fast routines such as abs in 7 minutes or chest in 15 minutes. Thanks to this close approach that empathizes with his followers, he has managed to get thousands of people to increase their physical activity and improve their health. They also highlight their videos of physical transformations within their fitness community, both theirs and their clients who inspire others to achieve their own physical change. Sergio, like anyone else, has peaks in shape and tells us how he gets back into shape once he has lost it.

Sergio offers courses and training methods through Fuertafit, through whose courses and fitness community his clients learn how to lead a healthy life and obtain amazing physical changes at a very affordable cost.


Some values of closeness, without promising things that are not possible and without selling you the magic supplement, together with an undeniable charisma and his ability to communicate, mean that Sergio has penetrated deeply into the fitness community in Spain without having the most spectacular physique in the world. . Precisely for this reason, many people identify with it and like to know how a real person leads a fitness lifestyle. His travel video blogs are also very popular, how he spends the holidays and his more personal facet. We have Sergio for a while and we want to keep it that way.

Greetings and we’ll be back next week!

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