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Train with FITENIUM app! – 3 Day Fullbody Routine

Train with FITENIUM app! – 3 Day Fullbody Routine

We are going to start sharing a 3-day routine with all our followers so that everyone who wants to start in the world of weights.

These types of 3-day fullbody training programs are the most recommended for people who are new to the world of weights and for people with little time who cannot go more than three times a week. It is the most efficient way to progress both in strength and hypertrophy since every day we touch all muscle groups emphasizing compound movements and with a high volume of training since we have a rest day between training days.

There are many variables to progress in hypertrophy or strength: volume, intensity, density, rest, so let’s not make the mistake of thinking that this 3-day routine falls short because you only train three times a week. It’s the best way to lay a solid foundation to then opt for other training options that are more suited to our goals.


1. Weekly Division of the Routine:

Monday: Routine A
Tuesday: Active Rest
Wednesday: Routine B
Thursday: Active Rest
Friday: Workout C

We must leave a rest day between days of training for proper recovery and avoid injuries.

What is active rest? It consists of resting from our usual 3-day routine, but continuing to be active by doing some moderate activity with a moderate pace and duration. Examples of active rest: yoga or stretching session, 45-60 minute walk, foam roller routine, riding a bike… there are options for all tastes.

2. Rest between sets:

This routine has a great weight of multi-joint exercises to lower repetitions, so in order to maintain performance you have to have long rests between series. The rests are variable according to our sensations or you are afraid to rest 4 minutes if you feel fatigued before your last series of Deadlift, but if you feel fresh go for the next concentrated series.

3. Effort:

Given the predominance of multi-joint exercises, we do not recommend training near failure if we want to maintain performance and technique throughout our sets. As a general rule in compound exercises we recommend training with a weight that allows us to do 2 or 3 more repetitions. In the more analytical exercises we recommend training with a weight that allows us to do 1 or 2 more repetitions.

If we are beginners we can apply a linear weight progression and almost every week we will be able to lift more weight than the previous one, but if we are already intermediate we recommend other types of more complex progressions that we will talk about later.

4. Warm up and stretch:

The warm-up will be the same every day, it is VERY IMPORTANT never to skip the warm-up and stretching if we want to continue progressing without injuries.

Exercise Sets repetitions Grades
Low Intensity Cardio 1 5-10 min 100-135 PPM
Front leg swing 2 12 watch video
Side leg swing 2 12 watch video
activate gluteus 2 15 cover watch video
Trapeze Raise 2 12 Watch Video
Elbow Internal Rotation 2 12 Watch Video
External Rotation Elbow 1 12 Watch Video

5. Substitutions:

We highly recommend doing our 3-day routine with the scheduled exercises, but if for whatever reason you can’t do any of the exercises, you can substitute them as follows.

  • Squat: Press + 15 reps of lower back extension (i.e. if you have 3×8 of Squat, replace it with 3×8 of press and 3×15 of lower back extension).
  • Deadlift: Hip Thrust `+ 15 repetitions of lumbar extension.
  • Romanian Deadlift: Nordic Curl.
  • Stride: Unilateral Hip Thrust with Dumbbell.
  • Hip Thrust: Hip Thrust on a quadriceps extension machine.
  • Calf Raise standing machine: Calf Raise with dumbbell.
  • Femoral Curl: Femoral Curl with Dumbbell (between the feet).
  • Quadriceps Extension: You can eliminate them.
  • Barbell Bench Press: Dumbbell Bench Press.
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: Incline Barbell Press.
  • Military Press: Standing Military Press with Dumbbells.
  • Pulley Openings: Dumbbell Openings or Pec Deck.
  • Funds: Bench Press Declined Dumbbells.
  • Supine Pulley Pulldown: Biceps Pull Ups.
  • T-Bar Row: Dumbbell Bench Row.

6. Change of routine

Many people wonder how long we can do this 3-day routine and still get results, the answer is simple until you get tired! If you like training this way, it fits your lifestyle and you keep making progress, there is no reason to change this routine for another. If our objectives change or we want another distribution of days, we can opt for another type of routine such as torso-leg (4 days), pull-push (4 days), divided routine (5 days) or push-legs (6 days).

Our recommendation is that if you are a beginner, stick with this 3-day routine for at least 12 weeks.

7. And the diet?

To make truly significant progress in the gym, diet is just as important as training if not more. Avoid processed foods, eat a reasonable amount of protein for your weight and training level, and calculate a caloric deficit/surplus based on your goals. Read our article if you want to have a Perfect Body

The 3 day routine

Day A:

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
Back Squat 3 6 3-4 min
Press Banca 3 8 3-4 min
pulley pulley 3 10 2-3 min
Romanian Deadlift 3 10 2-3 min
Parallel Funds 3 8 1-2 min
Standing Calf Raise 3 10 1-2 min
Dumbbell Biceps Curl 3 10 1-2 min

Day B:

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
Dead weight 3 5 3-4 min
Press Militar 3 8 3-4 min
T Bar Row 3 12 2-3 min
Quadriceps Extension 3 12 1-2 min
Pulley Openings 3 12 1-2 min
Crunch Abdominal 3 12 1-2 min
Skull Crusher Dumbbell 3 12 1-2 min

Day C:

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
Dumbbell Lunge 3 10 2-3 min
Incline Dumbbell Press 3 8 2-3 min
Supine Pulley Pulldown 3 10 2-3 min
Hip Thrust 3 12 2-3 min
Seated Facepull 3 12 1-2 min
Side Raise 3 10 1-2 min
Curl Femoral 3 10 1-2 min



With our 3-day routine and the complementary information, you can now go to the gym and start hitting the irons. Don’t forget to record your progress and upload it to Fitenium!

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