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Train with FITENIUM app! Split routine of 5 days.

Train with FITENIUM app! Split routine of 5 days.

If you don’t already know Fitenium is a free, mobile, video-based social network for athletes who train strength or bodyweight exercises. At Fitenium users can follow their performance, compete and get discounts in nutrition and sports equipment stores. Download it here.

Hello Fiteniers, after our review of some of the most effective routines to progress in the gym, such as 3 day fullbody routine and the routine Torso Leg 4 days, today we are going to talk about the division par excellence that was missing among the most common that we can find in any gym. We’re talking about the 5-Day Split Workout, which is probably the most popular workout of all.

All workouts have their pros and cons, and split workouts have always been criticized for focusing on pumps and making it harder to recover from massacring a muscle, but if you’re an advanced user you might


1. Weekly Division of the Routine:

It is very simple, working from Monday to Friday with a specific order to be able to recover correctly.

Monday: Chest – Triceps
Tuesday: Front leg – Abdomen
Wednesday: Back – Biceps
Thursday: Rear leg – Abdomen
Friday: Shoulder – Arms

What is active rest? It consists of resting from our usual 3-day routine, but continuing to be active by doing some moderate activity with a moderate pace and duration. Examples of active rest: yoga or stretching session, 45-60 minute walk, foam roller routine, riding a bike… there are options for all tastes.

2. Rest between sets:

In multi-joint exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts or Bench Press, we recommend taking long breaks of 3-4 minutes without any problem, since by recruiting a lot of muscle, our CNS needs a little more time to recover. For isolation exercises, short rests of 60-90 seconds are enough to go for another set.

3. Effort:

Being a 5-day split routine, there isn’t as much weight of multi-joint exercises, however we don’t recommend training near failure if we want to maintain performance and technique throughout our sets. As a general rule in compound exercises we recommend training with a weight that allows us to do 2 or 3 more repetitions. In the more analytical exercises we recommend training with a weight that allows us to do 1 or 2 more repetitions.

If we are beginners we can apply a linear weight progression and almost every week we will be able to lift more weight than the previous one, but if we are already intermediate we recommend other types of more complex progressions that we will talk about later.

4. Warm up and stretch:

The warm-up will be the same every day, it is VERY IMPORTANT never to skip the warm-up and stretching if we want to continue progressing without injuries.

Exercise Sets repetitions Grades
Low Intensity Cardio 1 5-10 min 100-135 PPM
Front leg swing 2 12 watch video
Side leg swing 2 12 watch video
activate gluteus 2 15 cover watch video
Trapeze Raise 2 12 Watch Video
Elbow Internal Rotation 2 12 Watch Video
External Rotation Elbow 1 12 Watch Video

5. Substitutions:

We highly recommend doing our 3-day routine with the scheduled exercises, but if for whatever reason you can’t do any of the exercises, you can substitute them as follows.

  • Squat: Press + 15 reps of lower back extension (i.e. if you have 3×8 of Squat, replace it with 3×8 of press and 3×15 of lower back extension).
  • Deadlift: Hip Thrust `+ 15 repetitions of lumbar extension.
  • Romanian Deadlift: Nordic Curl.
  • Romanian Deadlift: Nordic Curl.
  • Hip Thrust: Hip Thrust on a quadriceps extension machine.
  • Calf Raise standing machine: Calf Raise with dumbbell.
  • Femoral Curl: Femoral Curl with Dumbbell (between the feet).
  • Quadriceps Extension: You can eliminate them.
  • Barbell Bench Press: Dumbbell Bench Press.
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: Incline Barbell Press.
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: Incline Barbell Press.
  • Pulley Openings: Dumbbell Openings or Pec Deck.
  • Funds: Bench Press Declined Dumbbells.
  • Funds: Bench Press Declined Dumbbells.
  • T-Bar Row: Dumbbell Bench Row.

6. Progression

Once we are intermediate, the linear progression is no longer realistic for us in this 5-day split routine.

In this routine, we recommend an undulating progression that works as follows:

  • Let’s take as an example an exercise from our 4-day Torso-Leg routine that has 3 series for 6-8 repetitions.
  • We load a weight that allows us to do 6 repetitions.
  • We do the series of 6 repetitions until with the increase in our strength, we can do 8 repetitions with the same weight.
  • Once we can do 3 sets of 8 repetitions, we increase the weight (1-2.5kg disc in isolated exercises and 5kg in compound exercises).
  • With this new weight we start again doing 6 repetitions. If we fail we return to the previous weight.

7. And the diet?

To make truly significant progress in the gym, diet is just as important as training if not more. Avoid processed foods, eat a reasonable amount of protein for your weight and training level, and calculate a caloric deficit/surplus based on your goals. Read our article if you want to have a Body 10.

The 5-Day Split Workout

Day 1 – Chest and Triceps

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
Flat Bench Press 3 5-7 3-4 min
Incline Dumbbell Press 3 8-10 2-3 min
Pulley Openings 3 12-15 3-4 min
Dips 3 10-12 2-3 min
Skullcrusher 3 12-15 1-2 min

Day 2 – Leg (front predominance) and Abdomen

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
squat 3 6-8 3-4 min
Barbell Lunge 3 8-10 2-3 min
Press 3 12-15 2-3 min
Quadriceps Extension 3 12-15 1-2 min
Heel Raise 3 12-15 1-2 min
Uni Quadriceps Extension 3 8-10 1-2 min
Crunch 3 12-15 1-2 min

Day 3 – Back Biceps

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
dominated 3 6-8 2-3 min
Seated Cable Row 3 10-12 2-3 min
T Bar Row 3 12-15 2-3 min
Facepull 3 15-18 1-2 min
Barbell Biceps Curl 3 12-15 1-2 min

Day 4 – Leg (posterior predominance) and Abdomen

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
Dead weight 3 6-8 2-3 min
Hip Thrust 3 12-15 2-3 min
Curl Femoral 3 12-15 2-3 min
Abduction Machine 3 15-18 1-2 min
Unilateral Leg Curl 3 15-18 1-2 min
Heel Raise 3 15-18 1-2 min
Crunch 3 12-15 1-2 min

Day 5 – Shoulders and arms

Exercise Sets repetitions Rest
Press Militar 3 6-8 2-3 min
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3 12-15 2-3 min
Birds with Pulley 3 15-18 2-3 min
Unilateral Triceps Extension 3 12-15 1-2 min
Biceps Curl with Unilateral Cable 3 12-15 1-2 min

We are sure that many will like this divided 5-day routine since it allows you to train from Monday to Friday in an effective way leaving the temple congested, which motivates many people and there is nothing wrong with it.

Don’t forget to record your progress in Fitenium


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