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Train your entire body with a disc


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In the gym you can find many elements to train your body and perform countless exercises. This provides a wide variety of options when planning your training program. However, it is possible that the machines or equipment are busy and it takes you a long time to wait for them to be released.


Today we will see a series of exercises that move the entire body, requiring only one disc. Choose the weight according to your capacity, keeping in mind that the exercise is complex and the disc cannot change shape.




To start this session, choose this variant of the deadlift incorporating a stability component that works in a one-legged stance. To compensate for this imbalance, the gluteus medius and core are the main stabilizing activities. This makes it a much more complete exercise than a traditional deadlift.


Due to the large number of muscle groups involved, from the gripping forearm muscles to the lower body muscles, the deadlift is a great exercise that significantly increases our strength.


Squats with push-ups


To do this, hold the disc with your hands in front of you and your arms fully extended. The first stage of the movement is the lowering squat. This is done as if you were working in a traditional squat, avoiding the arch to prevent injury and keeping your back in a neutral position.


Follow the exercise after the squat with a biceps curl before squatting again. This exercise, in addition to using the main muscle groups, helps you improve your coordination and synchronize movements.


disc rowing


It is important to move your back from different angles and different exercises, as you will be training different important areas of the body that are often affected by discomfort, pain and injury. As in this case, exercising with weights and plates to strengthen your back muscles can reduce the chance of injury.




Published on Unplash by Risen Wang


One of the main differences in this type of row from the classic barbell row is that you put your weight in the center, rather than on the sides of your body like you would with a barbell. In our hands. Also, you can operate the puck with both hands.


Bank press with disk


This variant of the classic Bench Press gives you a considerable level of strength and allows you to improve your Bench Press. When you’re lying on the floor, the lowering motion of the elbow is limited by the floor, eliminating the risk of lowering yourself unnecessarily and potentially damaging your pectoral muscles.


Also, another benefit of this floor exercise is that the entire surface rests on the floor, making your posture much more stable. The rest behaves like any other chest press. Hold the disc with both hands at sternum level and push it up. If you want more difficulty and a better grip, you can do an exercise holding the disc between the palms.


Published on Unplash by Lilia Dyulgerov


one hand lift


This move (usually performed with kettlebells) not only helps build shoulder strength simply by placing a disc overhead, it also addresses scapulohumeral joint mobility. However, like all shoulder exercises, it is advisable to start with a moderate weight, since we have the problem of overestimating our capacities and carrying more weight than we need.


Exercise is a good way to gain scapulohumeral mobility as well as allowing us to gain strength. As always, the main recommendation is to pay attention to the weight you choose to avoid injury.


Overhead Disc Triceps Extension


This exercise is usually performed with a dumbbell in one or both hands, but this time it is performed with both hands holding a plate and a starting position with the arm extended overhead. Then, bend your elbows so that the disc is just behind your head.

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