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Total Rookie: Gym Routines To Get Started


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Much has been written about how people should train when they are in the gym, what type of workouts they should do, whether they need to follow a particular sequence of exercises, and how often they should change their routines.


The truth is, if you can’t fix all (or most) of these problems, you may not be able to reach your goals, get injured, or worse yet, be unable to move right out of the gym. In any case, these tips apply equally whether you’re training at the gym or at home.


The importance of well-structured routines, especially for beginners.


Properly organizing your routines and choosing the exercises and especially the order in which you perform them is one of the most important parts of your training. And if you are a beginner and you are starting in the gym, it is even more important because the possibility of abandonment grows if you do not see the achievement and progress in the goals that you set for yourself.



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In general, the best way to compose an exercise routine is to start with an articulated exercise (the exercise that has the most muscle mass in the movement) and end with an analytical or isolated movement. In particular, it is important that only one muscle is predominantly worked, for example, the biceps curl.


Basic conditioning routine: What to do in the first weeks?


Many times it is the case that you have never received training or have not played sports for a long time (several years) and you want to develop a healthier lifestyle habit. What should you do?


The best way to start in the first few weeks (speaking a minimum of 6-8 weeks) is to condition your entire body and choose a routine that is designed to get you used to exercising. These types of routines are often widely used to adapt beginners to the world of gyms, or for those who are injured and begin to readapt to physical exercise.


In these first few weeks, we work with a lighter weight that gradually increases as the muscles adjust to their training demands, avoiding terrible stiffness as much as possible.


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Importance of learning techniques


As beginners, we find ourselves with exercises that we don’t know how to perform. For this reason, it is important to properly learn the technique of the exercise you will be performing before starting a training session and adding volume and intensity. To prevent injuries or frustrations that impede our progress or force us to stop directly because of our injuries.


Know the basic exercises


Among the exercises with which we can work are the groups known as “basic”. They are the basis of any training and are associated with the increase in muscle mass and the improvement of strength for the trained muscle groups.


bench press


When we talk about working the pectoral muscles, the bench press is a star movement, along with push-ups. In addition, it is an exercise that also affects our shoulders (especially the front one) and triceps.




Classic exercise and should not be missing in any routine due to the large number of muscles it contains, whenever possible. Pull-ups are probably the exercise with the most muscle movement. Control the movement of your legs to avoid swaying.


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However, pull-ups are not easy to do correctly, and their progression is usually slower than any other exercise, which is why it is equally loved and hated by people who are focused on training. ..


press militar


This exercise can be done with both barbells and dumbbells and can be a very interesting shoulder workout. In addition, it also uses the core muscles to avoid swaying and straining the back when doing it with the bar and the foot.


Barbell/Dumbbell Row


A great exercise to gain strength and density in the back, which allows a great transfer of benefits when performing pull-ups.



One of the most commented in relation to the star movements and techniques when talking about the work of the lower part of the body: try to do deep squats.


Combining strength and cardio in the gym


The word HIIT should be remembered for the combination of strength training and cardio training in the gym. HIIT-type training has the great advantage that you can combine strength training and cardiovascular training in the same workout, significantly reducing the time required for your routine.


However, if you are a beginner, do not get lost in this type of training. You can get injured if you are not used to intense training. As you gradually introduce it into your routine, you will see the benefits of these “express workouts”.

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