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Prizes and discounts Fitenium

Prizes and discounts Fitenium

Why do we give prizes and discounts within the Fitenium app?

Our mission at Fitenium is to ensure that our users reach their goals by training. For this reason, and knowing how difficult it is to maintain motivation and perseverance, we want to reward our most active users with prizes and discounts, mainly on clothing, nutrition, and sports equipment.

1. How to obtain prizes and discounts in Fitenium?

You can get prizes and discounts in Fitenium app by exchanging our virtual currency, which is also called Fitenium, in our store.

You can earn our virtual currency Fitenium in the following ways:

– Uploading your first video: 200 Fitenium
– Uploading a video after the first one: 3 Fitenium
– Validating a video: 1 Fitenium
– Making a comment: 1 Fitenium
– If another user registers with your refer code: 50 Fitenium

To view the prizes and discounts available, you just have to go to our side panel and select the “store” section. From there you can browse our prizes and available stores. If you would like to find discounts from a store that we do not yet have in the Fitenium app, do not hesitate to contact the store in question. We will do our best to get discounts and include them in our app. You can write to us on our social networks or by email at info@fitenium.com

Once you get enough of our virtual currency Fitenium necessary to purchase a discount coupon or prize available in our store, the purchase button will be activated and you will be able to get the discount or prize of your choice.

2. How to redeem the discount coupons obtained fitenium app?

Once the discount coupon appears on the screen, write it down. You can use that coupon immediately by accessing the online or physical store (as specified in the coupon conditions) of our business partners.

If you have any problem with the discount coupon, do not hesitate to contact us at info@fitenium.com

3. How to receive the prizes from fitenium app?

We manage the Fitenium prizes ourselves, so once you have obtained the prize, you must contact us at info@fitenium.com to confirm your shipping address and other details.

4. Fraud

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the objective of the prizes and discounts is to motivate and encourage our community of users to achieve their goals with training.

For this reason, we reserve the right to issue or send any prize or discount if we consider that the user’s interaction within the Fitenium app is not in line with our mission.

Some actions that may lead you to not receive a prize or discount are:

– Create fake accounts and use your referral code to earn Fitenium.
– Upload one or more repeated videos or videos that do not have to do with training.
– Make comments that are out of place or that do not make sense to the community.
– Upload videos of other people.

5. challenges fitenium

The Fitenium challenges aim to encourage sport in our community and reward users who demonstrate higher performance. For this we will propose different physical tests for our community.

These tests may consist of:

– Achieve the longest possible series of one of our subcategories with a defined weight or with body weight.
– Achieve the heaviest series of one of our subcategories with a defined number of repetitions.
– Move the most kilos in one of our categories in a defined period of time.
– Do the most repetitions of one of our categories in a defined period of time.
– Any other physical test determined by the Fitenium team.

For the tests with a prize, the exercises must be carried out with full range and recorded with a plane that allows the correct observation of the execution of the exercise. The Fitenium team will review all the participating videos and determine which ones comply with the technique to be part of the final classification.

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