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At Fitenium we always say that supermarket trolleys are the initial step towards a healthier diet. It is easier to make your diet healthier by eating based on quality ingredients and choosing foods instead of unhealthy products such as some processed, fried, industrial pastries etc…

The second step is to cook these foods at home and in a healthy way. Cooking methods such as steaming, grilling, or baking are also good ways to improve your diet.

To make healthy cooking easier for you, we bring you a selection of kitchen accessories that can make things easier for you when it comes to improving your diet.

Microwave Oven Steamer Case

Lékué steam case (€19.90 on Amazon)

An interesting option when cooking when you want to eat healthy and don’t have much time is to use a microwave steamer case. These cases (the most famous of Leque, but available in big box stores at affordable prices) are made of food-grade silicone and do not store odors. It can be placed in the dishwasher.

Place the food you want to prepare in a case with a small amount of water, put it in the microwave and in a few minutes you are ready to eat the dish. It is used as a seasoning for fish and meat, but it does not irritate a bit (it can be seasoned with spices later). We also offer savory vegetable dishes.

microwave popcorn maker

Microwave Popcorn (€11.85 on Amazon)

If you love to binge Netflix or HBO shows on the weekends and can’t do without popcorn, getting a popcorn holder for your microwave is a good investment. The main problem with the microwave popcorn that I found in the supermarkets is that they have a lot of salt and butter, but with this popcorn you can prepare it in a more natural way.

We simply buy natural kernels of corn (it costs around 2 euros for a 300 gram bag, which usually saves even if you eat popcorn often) and place them in the base of the popcorn holder. Pop the popcorn in the microwave for about 3 minutes and voila! You can immediately enjoy healthy popcorn (corn only, no salt or butter).


Vegetable spiralizer

Spiral vegetable spiralizer (€9.90 on Amazon)

The zoodle or vegetable spaghetti is a very original way of introducing vegetables into our diet. For example, it can be cooked from zucchini or carrots and enjoyed in different ways: grilled, raw, cooked… garnished with meat and fish, or with cereals and legumes, perfect as a main dish.

There are two options to get spaghetti with vegetables. You can do it the traditional way with a simple knife or mandolin, or use a vegetable spiral to make different types of cuts on different vegetables. .. The biggest advantage of these tools is their speed, not the very expensive investment that we have available.

Glass blender for your smoothies

Homegeek glass blender (€ 29.99 on Amazon)

A few years ago, these small personal blenders became very fashionable and managed to prepare shakes and smoothies quickly. The main advantage over the large blender is to prepare the ideal number of shakes or shakes for this little appliance to consume right now.

The glass to prepare smoothies with these little mixers is the same one you use to drink smoothies. Just replace the take-out lid blade and that’s it. Its use is very convenient: you can chop the fruit into pieces, put it in a blender with a liquid base and other toppings (nuts, seeds), and touch the blender several times to drink immediately.

Yogurt machine to prepare yogurt at home

Yogurtera Aikon (34,99€ en Amazon)

Preparing yogurt at home is a very simple process, all you need is a starting yogurt (to obtain the necessary bacteria to prepare homemade yogurt) and a yogurt maker. The yogurt makers are less expensive (from 20 euros on Amazon, depending on capacity and ingredients), and you can always get a large quantity of yogurt ready to taste.

You can even make homemade yogurt without a yogurt maker (we’ll show you how). However, this small appliance makes the process much easier.

Bakery for homemade bread

Princess Bread Maker (€74.99 on Amazon)

Finding good bread is a difficult task without a good bakery close to home. Bread in supermarkets is usually frozen, so if you are talking about whole grain breads or cereals, be very careful, read the ingredient list carefully, make sure they are not served with cheese, and ultimately the price of the gold. With a very low percentage of whole grains.

Preparing your own sourdough-based bread at home is a process that more and more people follow, especially if a family member has celiac disease. A bakery can help you easily make bread in your own home if you can afford the kitchen (you can find one on Amazon for $55-$60).

Slow Cooker Clay Tajine

Tajine Emile Henry (€61.96 on Amazon)

Slow cooking is popular. On another occasion, we talked about clock pots or slow cookers: appliances that consume very little energy and allow you to prepare very delicious dishes.

Moroccan tagines, commonly made of clay or ceramic, are another tool for enjoying a relaxing meal. Its cone shape and the materials that make it save heat and enhance the flavor of food. It is also traditionally used to cook tagine, a typical Moroccan dish, but it can also be used for other dishes.

Now that you are in the sales season, take the opportunity to get hold of some of these supplements that can make your diet healthier.

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