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6 sports documentaries to watch this Easter holiday on Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime


If you are already on vacation at Easter, or if you are going out for a few days over a long weekend, you will surely have time to sit quietly on the sofa and enjoy a good documentary. To avoid spending hours searching different platforms, we picked seven of our favorite documentaries on Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Therefore, you can enjoy some good (of course, healthy) popcorn while you watch it.

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Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

The documentary is the story of who was considered one of the best athletes of our time. Lance Armstrong won seven Tour de France in addition to overcoming testicular tumors. This evoked him not only in the athlete, but also in the idol of self-improvement Olympus.

But in 2012 scandals arose. The International Bicycle Union blamed him for his doping, banned him for life, and he won the most important event in professional cycling. A year later, Armstrong himself apologized in a legendary interview with Oprah Winfrey on American television for acknowledging his use of doping substances.

Available on Netflix.

The only thing we like about him is the CrossFit documentary. Personally, I think it’s the sports documentaries that matter the most to me, as they motivate me to train and try sports like CrossFit.

In 2017, redemption and mastery proved to be on the podium for 2017 CrossFit Games winners Mat Fraser and Tia-Claire Toomey. A close-up documentary that not only shows what this caliber competition is like, but also the first doping case to hit the podium at the CrossFit Games: Ricky Garard from Australia.

Available in Netflix

Marathon: The Patriots’ Day Bombing

In 2016 the 122nd edition of the Boston Marathon was held. It is part of the six major marathon world majors in the world and has been a major part of every runner’s mind since the last attack in 2013. Players from all over the world.

Created by The Boston Globe and HBO, this documentary discusses the life outcomes of athletes irreversibly scarred by events and how they recovered and returned to daily life and sport. This week’s self-improvement story is worth watching.

Available on HBO.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young

What do you think is the toughest race in the world? The Berkeley Marathon may be one of them. The route is unmarked and 35 participants in the route complete the lap of the 160 circuit, which stands out for going in a harsh mountain environment with only two refreshment points in 5 laps.

Since the first edition in 1986, only 15 athletes have been able to finish within the time limit (12 hours to cross the finish line) and only Jared Campbell has crossed the finish line on three different occasions. The Netflix documentary shows the inside of an edition in which, for the first time, three runners have reached the fifth lap of the race.

Available on Netflix


Backed by the Oscar for Best Documentary and another Best Political Documentary award at the Sundance Film Festival, Icarus turns a doping scandal in Russian sports on its head that began in 1968.

The documentary was born with the aim of proclaiming the problems of doping in sport in general, but when its director began working with Grigory Rodchenkov, former director of the Russian Anti-Doping Institute, he has since encouraged He has uncovered a doping scheme that the Russian government has been effective for decades.

Available on Netflix


See the different athletes on the podium at Mr.Olympia, one of the biggest bodybuilding competitions sponsored by the IFBB and one of the biggest competitions in the world in Generation Iron. Generation Iron 2 shows how a new generation of athletes behaves in a world that is changing with social networks and new training methods.

In this case, the film is not about competition, but about bodybuilding in general and how it has evolved over the years. How the women’s competition has almost disappeared and how technology has influenced this sport.

Available on Netflix


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