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With the arrival of routine and good weather, many people are encouraged to run in parks and gardens. In any case, people who start are often not prepared. If you start running for the first time, it is a good idea to follow the set of tips that we want to offer you to achieve the best results and evolve in the best possible way.


It is true that running is one of the stars of cardiovascular sports and that is why most of them jump into it, but there are some tips to keep in mind to start in the best possible way. Especially if you don’t play sports regularly, it’s best to take a short walk and move your body. From here, it is necessary to consider a number of things.


Published on Unplash by Morgan Sarkissian

Get the right equipment


It is essential that we wear comfortable clothing that allows us to sweat properly. You can find a wide variety of alternatives on the market that use smart fabrics that keep the temperature down and prevent moisture and liquid buildup on your clothes. The same goes for footwear, one of the most important parts if not the most important part of the team. The footwear must be resistant enough to adapt to our footsteps and absorb the blows that occur when the soles of the feet reach the ground.


Published on Unplash by Meghan Holmes



The importance of starting small


When you are ready, it is important to know that the practice of this activity is progressive. You need to start small to gain depth and stamina in order to increase speed and uptime. The mistake we often make is starting with something too strong from the beginning. In addition, it is not possible to perform long-term activities with sufficient intensity. So it’s a good idea to start small and see how you can tackle that endeavor. Getting the rhythm right, learning to perform the movements well, and breathing are essential to a proper run.


Running and walking alternately


At first, it is true that it is more difficult for us to carry out the exercise, due to lack of habits and resistance. Therefore, it is important to remember that nothing happens if we walk. If necessary, start walking in the background little by little and build up background and stamina. It’s also a good idea to acclimate to your activity for the first few weeks, alternating between running time and moderate-intensity walking to gradually increase the pace and frequency of your runs. The important thing is that you cannot start from scratch as a professional trains.


Published on Unplash by Stéphane Delval


Plan realistic goals and objectives that can be achieved


A very important point to keep in mind when we are starting out in this is not to consider inaccessible brands. It is best to gradually establish marks that are easy to achieve. Setting real goals will help us progress much better, preventing us from getting discouraged early because we cannot achieve what we have set out to do. Keep in mind that sport and running is something that is practiced little by little and for which we will notice improvement very soon after having started.


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