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Do you love sharing training content in your blog or social channels?

As a FITENIUM app partner, you could do all those things for your audience while earning up to 25% commission.


Your Earnings in $


Why joining FITENIUM?

FITENIUM is the #1 training app and online community for working out and injury prevention.

Injury prevention

Unique proprietary tech to actively prevent injuries

thousands of users

Join our active community training every week with us

awarded by mcfit

Innovation award by the largest gym franchise in Europe


Receive monthly payouts sharing FITENIUM app


How does our partner program work?

The more paying customers you refer, and the longer they stick around, the more you can earn.

Sign Up

Anyone with an audience of over 1,000 followers can join. Because we value our brand image, we want to partner with like-minded creators. Our staff examines every submission. Please, include your social media, blog, etc.

Share with your audience

Do what you normally do to engage with your audience and share FITENIUM App with them. You will get a personal code to share with your audience so they can get that 10% discount as an incentive.


That’s it! You’re ready to earn. You’ll get up to 25% of whatever the people you refer pay FITENIUM App. Our average Partner earns $300 a month, and there are influencers and bloggers in the program earning thousands of dollars every month.


Grow with FITENIUM

We want you to be part of our mission. To be successful, you must be self-motivated, trustworthy, an passionate. Please know that everyone at FITENIUM is rooting for you! 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the FITENIUM Partner Program

The FITENIUM Partner program is an agreement between FITENIUM and the Partner where FITENIUM pays its Partner a commission for sending sales their way.

Who can Become a FITENIUM Partner?

At FITENIUM, we value quality over quantity. Partners are a key part of our business, and they represent our brand. After you submit your request, a team member will review your application and evaluate if you are a good fit for our company.
We are looking for influencers or bloggers. We look for accounts with 1k or more followers who post regularly (4 posts per month or more) about industry-related content, with more than 25 posts on their feed. We are looking for people who embody our industry.

How Much can I Earn with FITENIUM Partner Program

You will earn a 15-35% commission on every sale. From here, it is up to you how many sales you can generate. Some of our Partners make hundreds of dollars every month.

Is the Commission Based on Sales or Traffic?

We pay commission based on the sales. We do not pay commissions for driving traffic to our website or app.
Many people try the free version of our app for a few days and then decide to upgrade to the PRO version. Don’t worry, our referral is valid for 45 days.
This means that if a person registered to our app with your referral code upgrades to PRO within 45 days, you still get your commission.

When should I expect my payment?

Your Partner commission is paid via PayPal once your monthly earnings reach $50 (approved commissions).
If you hit this threshold, your earnings will be transferred before the 10th of the month.

What is the Maximum Duration of my referral Code?

The referral code is valid during 45 days from the user registration date.

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